Washington K Dustin Hopkins somehow recovers his own kick

·1 min read

Here's something you don't see every day: a kicker recovering his own kick. 

It happened during the game between the Washington Football Team and the Buffalo Bills. Right after Washington managed to finally get on the board with a 73-yard touchdown from Antonio Gibson, kicker Dustin Hopkins did his job and got his foot on the ball for the kickoff. That's the only thing that went as planned. 

It was really windy at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, and Hopkins' kick didn't land where it was supposed to. The ball bounced on the ground and there was just a single Bills player nearby to try and corral it. He couldn't manage to before linebacker Washington linebacker Khaleke Hudson came storming in and grabbed the ball while it was in midair after the bounce. 

Then the ball squirted out of Hudson's arms and back into the air, and that's where Hopkins returns to the story. After he'd kicked the ball, Hopkins ran downfield and happened to be in the exact right place to fall onto the ball and recover it for Washington. 

Washington took advantage of their unexpected recovery. They drove the ball into Bills territory and scored a touchdown.

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