NGO, City to build waste-to-cash sites

PLASTIC waste can soon be exchanged for money as a non-government organization (NGO) offered a partnership with the Cebu City Government for the establishment of waste-to-cash sites in the city.

Ylusian Farias, managing director of Friends of Hope, met with Mayor Michael Rama on Thursday, November 17, 2022, to introduce the “Aling Tindera” program that can help solve the city’s waste problem.

In a report from the Public Information Office, Farias is seeking the assistance of the City Government in identifying the sites where people can exchange their plastic waste for cash.

These sites will serve as an aggregation hub where members of the community may sell post-consumer plastic by kilogram.

Green Cycle, a partner organization of Farias, will process the collected plastics and turn them into recyclable materials that can be sold to different companies.

“We wanted to partner with the city on this because we know that waste segregation is one of your concerns and we wanted to help you and the community as well through our program,” said Farias.

Farias initially offered 30 Aling Tindera sites that would be established in the city but Rama wanted the NGO to install at least 300 sites.

“With this, bystanders or the community, in general, will become empowered not only to depollute the environment but make extra income as well” said Farias.

Reymarr Hijarra, staff and point person of Rama for environmental concerns, told SunStar Cebu Friday, November 18, that a kilogram of soft plastic can be exchanged from P2 to P2.50.

Clean Up Australia, a non-profit environmental conservation organization, categorized biscuit wrappers, plastic bags, and garbage bags as soft plastics.

Hijarra was given the task by Rama to identify the possible locations for the establishment of the waste-to-cash sites. (IRT)