Nigel Farage planning £100,000 party in London to celebrate Britain leaving the EU

The Brexit Party is said to be organising the event himself. (PA)

Nigel Farage is reportedly planning to invite 10,000 Brexiteers to a “Brexit Celebration Party” in London to mark Britain’s departure from the EU.

The event, which is rumoured to be costing around £100,000, will be held on the night of January 31 in Parliament Square in Westminster.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Farage is arranging the details of the event himself.

It is set to include fireworks, bands and comedians and coincide with the chimes of Big Ben which will ring out specially, despite ongoing restoration works.

The event will be held in Parliament Square on January 31. (PA)

“Jan 31 is a moment to celebrate, when the establishment have been beaten by the people,” Mr Farage was quoted as saying.

“We will invite people from all parties. Business figures will be asked to join the celebration. There will be a few short speeches but they won’t be very political.

“It will be celebratory. There will be music and singing. It will be a good-natured, upbeat, optimistic, genuine celebration with no direct political edge whatsoever.”


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Mr Farage is applying to the Greater London Assembly – which licenses events on Parliament Square – to stage the party, the paper said.

It will be organised under the cross-party Leave Means Leave banner, with between 5,000 and 10,000 members of the public expected to attend, each paying a small ticket price to cover costs.

Mr Farage said last month that he is now concerned with the form of Britain’s departure from the bloc, rather than whether Brexit would take place at all.

“The truth is that the threat from the Brexit Party, together with the influence of the European Research Group in parliament, has disappeared for the time being,” he said.

“Questions over the future shape of Brexit and Britain’s place in the world are now entirely in the hands of Johnson.

“With half of his Cabinet having voted Remain, and substantial global pressures on him, it will be tempting for him to pursue the easy option of a soft Brexit.”

The former Ukip leader, who did not stand at the General Election, added that he thought his work had been completed in June 2016 when 51.8% of voters opted to Leave.

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