Nine night market vendors banned

A TOTAL of nine vendors have been banned from selling in the Cebu City Night Market after they were found to have violated the rules and regulations imposed by the Market Operations Division.

According to Cebu City Legal Office head Rey Gealon, their investigation showed that there were vendors who engaged in unauthorized occupancy, and selling or subleasing of the stalls provided for them to sell their goods.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella launched the investigation after receiving reports that some registered vendors had allowed other individuals to use their assigned stalls in the night market for a fee.

The investigation revealed that the vendors sold their space or stall for P15,000 to P20,000 a month.

The rent the City Government charges registered vendors is only P1,200 a month.

The five vendors who were suspended last week for allowing other individuals to use their stalls are among the nine vendors now banned from selling in the market. The remaining four are the ones who bought the stalls or use of the space.

Gealon said one vendor readily admitted subleasing his space or stall, while another one submitted a letter requesting permission to sell. The rest failed to appear and refused to go to the Market Operations Division to give their side on the matter.

He said they need honest market vendors to have a vibrant and progressive night market as envisioned by Labella.

“For how can we be sure if they are honest in their dealings with the buying public whom the mayor sought to protect, if they cannot be simply honest by themselves?” he said.

Their assigned spaces and stalls will immediately be returned to the control of the Market Operations Division for proper disposition.

The spouses of the vendors are also included in the ban.

The night market started on Dec. 1, 2019 after Labella allowed the resumption of its operations to allow the vendors affected by the road clearing operations ordered by President Duterte in his State of the Nation Address to earn a living again.

Around 500 vendors take part in the night market. (JCT)