Nips introduces dark chocolate variant

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VALENTINE’S Day is not exclusive to couples—it can be celebrated by everyone.

One can show appreciation to his family and friends by sending them a sweet text or gift, like their favorite chocolatey treat.

One’s furry pals can also be his date this love month. They’re cute, sweet and they bring happiness 24/7. One can give them extra cuddles and pet treats on Valentine’s Day.

If one can’t spend time with loved ones, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it by himself. One can still celebrate the season of love by doing things that make him smile.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without chocolates, and Nips has the perfect companion for everyone: Nips Dark Chocolate. The childhood favorite chocolate now has the right balance of bitter from its dark chocolate center and sweetness from its candy coating—a treat one will surely enjoy, whether on his own or with loved ones.

Staying sweet this Valentine’s day is made possible with the new Nips Dark Chocolate. This yummy treat is now available in selected supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.

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