A nirvana of wellness and tranquility

Marymil M. Cabrera
·3 min read

The town of Badian is considered a tourism giant in the southern part of Cebu. If you want to chase waterfalls or go canyoneering, there’s the famous Kawasan Falls; if you want to bask in the sun and get a tan, Lambug Beach is the place to be; and if you prefer the mountains, there’s the Badian Highlands.

Along with the never-ending list of beautiful destinations in Badian is a well-kept and well-preserved paradise that even some Cebuanos are not familiar with yet even though it has been around for decades now.

Located in Zaragosa Island, overlooking the Badian Highlands, is a nirvana of wellness and tranquility in the name of Badian Island Wellness Resort. A three-hour land trip from the city and a 10-minute speed boat ride from a private dock are what it takes to get to this eight-hectare paradise.

Upon arrival, a uniformed staff member greets guests with leis made of kalachuchi flowers and serves refreshments on the mini bridge as a warm welcome. Before taking pleasure in the whole resort, a designated washing area is in place to freshen up.

Warm and crystal-clear waters in shades of blue, soft white powdery sand, palms swaying in the soft breeze, landscaped gardens and a majestic view of the unspoiled bay and highlands sitting across are what your eyes will be feasting on once you arrive at Badian Island Wellness Resort.

The eight-hectare resort has a total of 42 suites, including six Thalasso Pool Villas, eight Badian Suites, 18 Junior Suites, and 10 Family Suites. All these tick off the perfect description of what paradise should be—like fantasy and reality has been intertwined.

In this resort, self-care finds expression in wellness activities as a multi-sensory treat: wholesome eating with its farm-to-table concept for your sense of taste, listening to the relaxing sound of nature to soothe your sense of hearing, the sweet smell of kalachuchi with a hint of the sea for your sense of smell, and a relaxing massage at its Natural Spa with two pavilions and three Badehauses, and a dip in its three-layer Thalasso waterfalls for your sense of touch.

If you find more joy in physical activities, Zumba and sunrise yoga classes are available for free. Be one with the calmness of the waters by stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking or snorkeling in the coral garden, which is only five minutes away from the resort by boat.

The resort also features a restaurant called Panorama that serves a wide variety of Filipino and international cuisine. Here, ingredients are hand-picked from the resort’s own organic garden. Adjacent to the restaurant is Bangka Bar, a bar that specializes in health and beauty drinks as well as tropical cocktails. One can also grab drinks at Shell Bar located along the beach, which has a sundeck for small events and acoustic performances.

Dinner is either by the pool or by the beach, accompanied by a graceful cultural show. Each delicately plated dish prepared by the chef is earnestly explained by the waiters upon serving. Guests are also serenaded by an acoustic band as they drink wine or spirits to cap off the night. Before serving drinks, the staff performs the ritual of playing the rainmaker instrument.

With its quiet location, warm hospitality, and holistic approach to wellness, Badian Island Wellness Resort attracts an array of international travelers, from wellness enthusiasts to celebrities, who wants to experience the other side of Cebu and seek refuge and inner peace.