Nissan Wants to See a Sky Full of Stars with its Navara Dark Sky Concept

Martin Aguilar

It seems that Nissan already has plans for next year’s Valentine’s Day–and this Japanese carmaker wants to go stargazing. To achieve that plan, Nissan will be using its new concept car, which is the Navara Dark Sky concept.

The Navara Dark Sky concept is developed in the UK in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA)–this sounds like a serious stuff for planning a Valentine’s Day date. Anyway, Nissan said that the Navara Dark Sky is fitted with an ultra-high performance PlaneWave telescope within a bespoke trailer module. This high-tech machine is meant to make the Navara Dark Sky as a mobile astronomy lab.

In addition, ESA is mapping the stars and has already observed more than a billion stars. Nissan wants to help ESA and its team of astronomers to conduct observations of the universe from hard-to-reach or “dark sky” locations. This also explains why the Navara Dark Sky concept is pulling a high-tech telescope–to reach the best atmospheric conditions for stargazing.

The design of the Navara Dark Sky concept is inspired by the cosmos. Nissan explained that the concept’s exterior color scheme features nebula motifs using parametric patterning. Aside from this, the visibly seen feature of the Navara Dark Sky is the red night light, which helps avoid visual disruption during observations.

It also has high-intensity white lights on the roof for better visibility in the dark. The concept also comes with a revamped rear bumper and side step, as well as a reflective orange piping on seats to help locate interior features in low-light conditions.

With that said, Nissan looks ready for its upcoming stargazing date. Could the tennis grand slam champion Naomi Osaka be the Navara Dark Sky’s date? Who knows, right?

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