No monkeypox case in Central Visayas

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THE Department of Health (DOH)-Central Visayas assured that the region has remained free from monkeypox, a viral disease that has recently spread in several countries in the world.

Monkeypox belongs to the same virus family as smallpox but causes milder symptoms, according to World Health Organization (WHO). The DOH confirmed on July 29 the Philippines’ first monkeypox case.

The DOH-Central Visayas clarified Monday, August 1, that there is still no confirmed, suspected or probable case of monkeypox in Cebu and other areas in Central Visayas.

It reminded the public, though, to remain vigilant with the continued presence of Covid-19 and the current threat of monkeypox.

It advised the public to strictly follow the recommended preventive measures for monkeypox and Covid-19, such as physical distancing, avoiding large crowds and close contacts with sick persons, regular handwashing with soap and water and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

“We also remind everyone to be responsible citizens online and share only verified information to avoid confusion and panic. Thank you and stay safe everyone,” said the DOH-Central Visayas Communications Management Unit.

Monkeypox is a virus that originates in wild animals like rodents and primates, and occasionally jumps to people. It was first identified by scientists in 1958 when there were two outbreaks of a “pox-like” disease in research monkeys — thus the name monkeypox.

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The first known human infection was in 1970, in a 9-year-old boy in a remote part of Congo.

WHO said that most patients only experience fever, body aches, chills and fatigue, while people with more serious illness may develop a rash and lesions on the face and hands that can spread to other parts of the body.

The incubation period is from about five days to three weeks. Most people recover within about two to four weeks without needing to be hospitalized.

Monkeypox can be fatal for up to one in 10 people and is thought to be more severe in children. (MKG/LMY/AP)

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