No special treatment for 2022 Bar examinees, CCPO exec clarifies

CANDIDATES for the 2022 regionalized Bar examinations do not get special treatment, Lt. Col. Wilbert Parilla, deputy director for administration of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), said Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022.

Parilla said this after local police were deployed at the University of Cebu (UC) Banilad campus and at the main campus of the University of San Carlos (USC) to secure the 2022 Bar Exams which started on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Parilla said that aside from the 2022 Bar Exams, they will also provide security for those taking other licensure examinations in the city if the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) requests them to do so.

For this year’s Bar exams, Parilla said it was the Supreme Court (SC) that requested them to secure the two testing centers.

“We also provide security for other examinations. For example, the board exam for engineering is handled by the Professional Regulation Commission. If the PRC asks for so and so number of police personnel, then that’s what we deploy,” he said in Cebuano.

Parilla explained that police security was necessary, especially since SC justices are usually present at Bar exam venues.

He said they sit in the en banc panel that comes up with a verdict against an examinee who commits an offense at the venue.

Peaceful, orderly

CCPO officials described the first day of the regionalized Bar exams as peaceful and orderly.

To ensure that those taking the Bar exams at the UC Banilad campus and at the University of San Carlos (USC) Main campus are undisturbed, CCPO personnel were deployed to monitor bars and drinking places situated near the schools to ensure that the four-day liquor ban remains in effect.

As early as 3 a.m. on Wednesday, CCPO chief Col. Ireneo Dalogdog visited both campuses to check if their police personnel were already on standby to secure those taking the Bar exams.

Dalogdog said one of his marching orders to his personnel was not only to ensure that those taking the Bar exams won’t have any problems getting to their testing areas, but also to ensure that unauthorized people won’t enter those areas.

Dalogdog also instructed his personnel to assist the Cebu City Transportation Office to ensure that traffic along UC Banilad and USC Main remained unaffected even as road closures are being implemented in roads leading to the testing areas.

Aside from CCPO personnel, teams from CCPO’s Special Weapons and Tactics, personnel from the Bureau of Fire Protection in Central Visayas and emergency responders are present near the testing centers to respond in case of emergencies.

The 2022 Bar exam dates are Nov. 9, 13, 16 and 20. (BBT, AYB / PJB, JKV)