Noah not conducive to isolation, patients say

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SOME patients with Covid-19 find the New Normal Oasis for Adaptation and a Home (Noah) Complex not conducive to isolation.

A Covid-19 patient who declined to be named, said in her Facebook post that there is a lack of logistics inside the Noah Complex.

The patient said there are only two restrooms for all the patients inside. Some beds do not have bedsheets, and the curtains dividing each cubicle are dusty.

Another Facebook post with the same complaint was posted on Feb. 5, 2021 by a certain Carol and made the rounds on social media.

Carol said when she was isolated in the facility, she had to clean her cubicle first all by herself because it was “dirty,” adding that the floor was dusty, there was some trash, there were cobwebs on the walls and there were stains on the bed and curtain divisions.

She said the bed given to her had no foam so that she had to look for foam from other available cubicles.

Noah manager Jocelyn Pesquera said they are now addressing the concerns of the patients.

Pesquera said 40 more shower rooms are being constructed—20 each for females and males.

She said they are also adding more restrooms by installing portalets outside the building.

Pesquera said the beds are all donated by private individuals, but foams are provided.

Cebu City Councilor Donaldo Hontiveros, meanwhile, encouraged the patients to help in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility by keeping their cubicles clean.

Hontiveros said he understands the sentiments of some patients, but he also appeals to them to do their part.

Pesquera said Noah is an old building of the Bigfoot Studio and was only converted into an isolation facility.

As of Feb. 18, Pesquera said there are 228 patients isolated at Noah and there are 40 considered as significant others or those guardians of some minors and senior citizens being isolated in the facility.

The Noah Complex has an original capacity of 360, but this has been expanded to 450. / JJL