‘Is This Normal?’ Mist Fills Spirit Airlines Plane

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Detroit, Michigan, on October 24 were concerned as mist began circulating in the cabin before takeoff.

Passenger Giselle Oliphant, who shot this footage, told Storyful that at one point the vapor was so thick “we couldn’t even see the stewardess give the life vest instructions.”

Oliphant said the mist “lasted for about 30 minutes into the flight.”

Sharing footage of the event to Twitter, she tagged Spirit Airlines and asked: “is this normal?”

The airline confirmed to Storyful that they were in contact with Oliphant regarding the incident.

A press spokesperson for the airline said, “We confirmed with our operations team that there was no air quality event reported for this flight. We advised the guest that the mist was caused by water condensation and she was happy that we reached out with an explanation.” Credit: Giselle Oliphant via Storyful