North Korea says U.S. needs to decide 'Xmas gift'

North Korea says the U.S. is trying to drag out denuclearization talks as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer.

That's according to state media on Tuesday (December 3).

They also said Pyongyang issued a veiled threat to Washington to soften their demands.

One North Korean official accused Washington of stalling instead of making concessions.

State media reported the official calling dialogue between the two countries a "foolish trick".

The official also reportedly said, "it is entirely up to the U.S. what Christmas gift it will select to get".

Negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have gone nowhere after a meeting in October broke down.

Kim gave Washington by the end of the year to show some flexibility.

But U.S. officials called that deadline "artificial".

On Tuesday, state media reported that North Korea had completed construction on a new city.

After it was delayed by sanctions over Pyongyang's failure to denuclearize.

Kim used the North's young population to complete the project.

But defectors and human rights activists have compared that to "slave labor".