Not too late to watch these Pinoy cult classics for the spooky season

Filipino horror flicks are priceless gems deeply loved by the local audience. Filipinos enjoy these scary movies in cinemas or even in the comfort of their homes. These films have become a part of our culture—an identity that defines our craving for extreme emotional excitement.

Don’t miss out on the thrill of spooky season without watching these movies:

“Shake Rattle and Roll”

Who can ever forget about this horror franchise? “Shake, Rattle & Roll” was one of the prominent horror films in the industry. Every installment of this movie franchise consists of three terrifying stories, each with a unique way of delivering horror. One of the most horrifying movies in this franchise is “Diablo,” a story about Claire, a doctor in the countryside who encountered a patient deemed to be afflicted with a lethal virus. It turns out that this patient is possessed, and the demon has its eyes on Claire. The details of Claire’s exorcisms are gruesome, and the revelations about the characters’ backstories are shocking.

Regal Entertainment Inc. recently uploaded all 15 “Shake, Rattle & Roll” movie titles on YouTube to make the franchise more accessible to its fans.


The story revolves around five girls reunited at a family gathering due to the death of their grandmother. They held a seance after learning that the old Ouija board they used to play with as children were still intact.

Unfortunately, they failed to finish the ritual, thus confining an evil entity around them. The girls will have to find a way to know the identity of the spirit they unleashed before they all suffer to their imminent deaths. The characters’ backstories and storyline twists made the film more engaging than just jump scares. After watching this scary film, you would not want to do anything with an Ouija board.

“Feng Shui”

Kris Aquino is one of the most iconic actresses in the horror film industry, and she stars in this film as she takes on the character of Joy. It all started when Joy received a lucky Bagwa, a Chinese charm to be hung on the door. The item immediately brought her luck, but Joy recognized that it came at a cost that her family bears.

Every time she has good fortune, someone close to her dies. Joy must end this chain of deaths before it reaches her family. What makes the film intriguing is that the victims of the cursed Bagwa are killed according to the Chinese zodiac. Furthermore, because the Bagwa cannot be physically destroyed, Joy must follow a specific method in order to stop the killings.

This movie is also uploaded to YouTube by ABS-CBN Star Cinema, and anyone can watch this film for free on this streaming platform.