You can now drive the Ferrari 296 GTB in 'Fortnite' | Gaming Roundup

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This week in racing game news:

The Ferrari 296 GTB is now drivable in "Fortnite"

Believe it or not, battle royale shooter "Fortnite" is being used to debut cars now. Ferrari has the honor of introducing the first real-world car to the game, making the Ferrari 296 GTB drivable for players as of today. Luckily, players won't need to spend any money to give the car a try, you'll just have to happen upon one in the in-game world. According to a press release quoting Francois Antoine, Director of Advanced Projects at Epic, "The car featured in the game is built on the same source data and using the same Unreal Engine features as the 296 GTB in Ferrari’s own car configurator...” So if you want the most authentic experience with this vehicle you can get right now, head to your favorite console or computer and start that "Fortnite" download.

"Grid Legends" has been announced for 2022

The " Grid" series is coming back in 2022 as "Grid Legends." The new entry will be diving headfirst into what seems to be a new motorsport game story-mode trend, as according to a press release, "this year, players are front and centre in a fly-on-the-wall documentary that captures every moment on and off the track." The game is promising "fierce personalities," "team politics" and "drama." Coming right on the heels of the release of " F1 2021," which promised many of these same things as part of its new Braking Point story mode, we have to ask the question: Are racing game enthusiasts really in it for the drama? These games seem to be evolving in a strange direction if you ask us. Regardless, if you're a fan of the "Grid" series, more is better, right?

"Dirt 5" has dropped its "super size content pack"

"Dirt 5" is back with a new update, this time bringing two new tracks (with reverse variants), a Rezvani Tank, a Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Baja Concept, a Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer, an Armada Rock Racer, and a new career chapter with 27 new events, liveries, sponsors and more. You can learn more in the trailer below.

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