NSW Politician Jeremy Buckingham Retches Repeatedly During Speech on Mass Fish Kill

New South Wales MP Jeremy Buckingham was unable to finish his speech regarding the mass fish kill in the state’s Darling River when the stench of rotting fish caused him to retch repeatedly on Wednesday, January 9.

Buckingham visited Menindee, situated along the Darling River, where thousands of fish, including the vulnerable Murray cod, were killed during the weekend of January 5 and January 6.

Outraged residents blamed authorities for the kill, saying they drained Menindee Lakes excessively for cotton farming.

Footage posted on Facebook shows the former Greens MP, who will contest the next election as an independent, holding a dead fish alongside two farmers. He expresses disgust with the National Party’s management of the river but is unable to continue his address when he begins to dry retch. Credit: Jeremy Buckingham via Storyful