Number of curfew violators in Cebu City dwindles

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THE number of minors rescued on the third day of implementation of "Oplan Bulabog" has dwindled.

On the third night of Oplan Bulabog from 10 p.m. of August 11 until 4 a.m. of August 12, 28 minors were rescued by the police and the barangay tanods.

The number is lower compared to 34 on day 1 and 68 on day 2.

The rescued minors were turned over to the barangay where they belong.

Lieutenant Colonel Wilbert Parilla, deputy city director for administration of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), believed that some minors are already aware about the curfew ordinance being implemented in the city.

The ordinance states that minors are not allowed outside their homes between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Parilla, however, said that those minors who are still outside of their homes during curfew hours will not be apprehended if they are accompanied by their parents.

He said they are now focusing on rounding up internet cafes, where minors often play games even during the wee hours, as well as beer houses.

Parilla said business establishments that will be found accommodating minors may face closure just like what they did to some entertainment joints that violated the 50 percent indoor capacity when the city was placed under Covid-19 Alert Level 2 status.

The police official said they will make a report and submit a letter of request to the Cebu City Hall to cancel their business permits.

“Ato nani iapil just like sa una nga tanang establishment like internet café nga ilaha gihapong gi tolerate ang mga minors nga magpabilin sa ilang establishment so we will make necessary reports sa city,” said Parilla.

(We will include internet cafes and all the other establishments that tolerate minors so we will make necessary reports to the city.)

Meanwhile, the police will also conduct roving patrols in the interior barangays of the city in connection with the order of Police Brigadier General Roque Eduardo Vega, head of the Police Regional Office-Central Visayas (PRO 7), to reprimand residents who will be caught singing karaoke beyond 10 p.m.

According to Parilla, the city has an ordinance against making noise late at night, which causes disturbance to their neighbors, especially since classes are about to begin.

But Parilla admitted that the police cannot do this alone without the assistance of the barangay tanods.

“Naa may limitation ang videoke until 10 p.m., pero ang barangay sila gyud ang unang mobadlong unless kung dili na mopatuo nila. Kung naa gani

establishment nga nag saba-saba, nag videoke nya dili na mopatuo sa barangay, so ang atong kapulisan ang mokuyog,” said Parilla.

(There is a limitation on videoke, which is until 10 p.m., but the barangay will be the first to reprimand unless they don't believe them. If there is an establishment that makes noise, such as videoke and they won't believe the barangay, so our police will interfere.)

Drinking in public places such as along the roadside is also prohibited as ordered by PNP Chief Police General Rodolfo Azurin to prevent crimes from happening. (AYB, TPT)