A Nutella hotel is coming and you can stay there free

The whole room is Nutella themed. [Photo: Nutella]
The whole room is Nutella themed. [Photo: Nutella]

Nutella enthusiasts will be delighted to discover that there’s a hotel opening in California dedicated to our favourite hazelnut spread.

What’s even better is that you can stay there free. In fact, Nutella will even pay for your flights.

No, it’s not made out of Nutella (although, that would be great) but you can eat Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As with all of these types of offers (remember Barbie’s dreamhouse?) there’s a catch.

You have to enter to win a chance to stay there and applications are open for one weekend only.

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The hotel is in Napa Valley, California. [Photo: Nutella]
The hotel is in Napa Valley, California. [Photo: Nutella]

Winners will be able to lounge around in this Nutella paradise for three days, alongside their plus ones.

They’ll walk up a Nutella lined pathway and under the jar shaped arch to reach their destination.

If this wasn’t overkill enough, the winners will even be able to sleep on croissant shaped pillows - which we’re sure everybody will agree is one of the least comfortable shapes for a pillow.

If you don’t think you can stomach Nutella for three days straight, this probably isn’t the place for you, but just in case, the hotel is also putting on a savoury Southern brunch with Tanya Holland.

Guests don't have to just eat Nutella. [Photo: Nutella]
Guests don't have to just eat Nutella. [Photo: Nutella]

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If you’re going for the food, then you’ll be pleased to know that pancake artist (what a job) Dancakes will be there teaching you how to master pancake art.

You guessed it, you’ll be using Nutella on your pancakes.

To win this chocolate fuelled break, you have to indulge Nutella by sending in a 60-second video of yourself professing just how much you love the spread for breakfast.

You’ll be nuts to miss this one (we couldn’t resist).

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