Oakridge takes transformative switch to renewable energy

OAKRIDGE Realty Development Corp., developer of the premier Oakridge Business Park in Mandaue City, Cebu, is once again making strides to help make the world greener.

Oakridge has shifted power use from clean energy to renewable energy (RE) with First Gen Energy Solutions Inc., one of the leading and biggest power producers and suppliers of clean energy in the country. First Gen’s energy portfolio is derived from clean, indigenous and naturally occurring renewable sources, including natural gas, geothermal energy and hydroelectric power. This pivotal shift makes Oakridge Business Park the first commercial district in Cebu to take such a transformative leap in the RE space.

Oakridge’s transition to greener operations is part of its commitment and on-going sustainability efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and support a low-carbon economy, as it joins the global movement for a greener future and a more regenerative environment.

The four-hectare Oakridge Business Park is home to numerous Peza-registered I.T. centers, retail outlets and event venues. Over the years, Oakridge has continuously implemented various environment-friendly and sustainable energy saving measures within the park vicinity. The entire business park has since switched to LED lamps for energy efficiency and has invested in rain water storage and a sewage treatment plant to support the Clean Water Act. The park also has a Materials Recovery Facility for recycling and upcycling.

Recently, in response to heightened safety regulations brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Oakridge ensures the health and safety of all its tenants, guests and employees by ensuring optimal air quality in enclosed spaces through multiple Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems installed in critical enclosed areas to allow fresh air ventilation every 20 minutes and to optimize overall air quality while using energy saving technology.

With this shift to renewable energy, Oakridge is powered by zero-coal, significantly lowering its carbon footprint while ensuring uninterrupted and reliable power 24/7 for all its tenants, guests and employees as it continues to take an active role in ensuring sustainable eco-friendly innovations for a more livable and healthier environment for the generations to come. (SPONSORED CONTENT)