OBO: Architects, engineers should be present during construction

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FOLLOWING the incident where a mason fell from a skyrise which is still under construction, the Office of the Building Official (OBO) reminded developers to have safety officers stay onsite while the construction works are being undertaken.

OBO head Florante Catalan said deploying foremen and contractors on the construction site is not enough, as safety engineers or architects should be present.

“We’d like to remind developers, architects and engineers to make sure there are onsite architects or engineers in charge during the construction,” said Catalan in an interview.

Catalan said the incident on Nov. 7, 2020 that caused the death of a mason, was the first incident this year that is construction-related.

The victim was identified as Richard Andales who died after falling from the 33rd floor of the building being constructed along India Street in Cebu I.T. Park, Brgy. Apas.

The OBO has yet to receive the incident report from the management of the skyrise project.

Catalan said once the incident report is submitted, the OBO will go through the report and only then can the management request for the lifting of the suspension order.

The OBO served a suspension order on the construction works on Nov. 8.

The OBO will check if safety measures are in place, and only then will it lift the suspension.

The OBO has received 467 building permit applications since January even amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has also issued 328 occupancy permits since January. / JJL