'Obsessed' Pet Owners Build Indoor Obstacle Course for Their Cats

Edinburgh-based couple Charlie Allan and Lauren Falker felt their pet cats were missing out on some much-needed exercise, so they decided to build a feline obstacle course in their home.

Allan, who has a background in design and engineering, put his skills to good use and provided the cats with an incredible course that includes steps, shelves, carpeting, a box with a window, as well as space for the cats to unwind and feed. The results were shared on Twitter on January 18.

Since the cats are indoor pets, this was the perfect outlet for the young felines, and it has evidently been a success. Allan says, “the boys love it and we can never get them off it.”

The cats are named Steve and Dave and are purebred ragdolls. Faulkner already had Dave when a pet store worker told her that they had been breeding ragdolls and one was still available.

Allan told Storyful, “We asked to see a photo of him and fell in love instantly”. Credit: Charlie Allan via Storyful