Offensive remarks leave 1 dead in Sibonga

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AN ALTERCATION between two persons who fell in line to buy hanging rice "puso" has resulted in the death of one of them in Barangay Lindogon, Sibonga town in southern Cebu around 10:20 a.m. Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Major Rodgene Fudotan, chief of Sibonga Police Station, said in an interview with Sunstar Cebu that suspect Jason Pallacios, a member of the Philippine Army who had gone Awol (absence without official leave), may have been offended by the remarks of Daido Rufo, 34, single and tricycle driver, prompting the ex-soldier to shoot the victim dead.

"Naglalis daw ni sila samtang naglinya sa palitana'g ‘puso,’ nag-ilog kinsay mauna, medyo gidibdib sa suspek kay gi-ingnan nga maglung-ag pa lang ka sa inyuha (They argued while lining up to buy ‘puso,’ outdid one another, the suspect got a little upset after he was told to cook rice in his home)," Fudotan said.

Rufo hails from Barangay Lindogon, while Pallacios from Barangay Simala.

After that incident, Pallacios went home and later came back on a motorcycle looking for the victim.

Pallacios reportedly asked the relatives of the victim and was told that the victim was taking a bath at the bathroom.

He then walked hurriedly toward the bathroom and shot the victim several times.

The suspect immediately fled after the incident.

The police later recovered the motorcycle of the suspect.

The Sibonga Police Station is asking those who have knowledge on the suspect’s whereabouts to report to their office or to the nearest police station in their locality. (GPL, TPT)

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