Officer Down! Police Laugh as Fellow Cop Loses Fight With Tree Branch in Edmond, Oklahoma

A police officer got the short end of the stick in Edmond, Oklahoma, this week when he was tasked with dislodging an icy tree limb from a road after a historic ice storm, sending the public servant slipping into a ditch.

News9 said the damage caused by the October 27 storm and subsequent days of freezing rain was the worst many residents had ever seen.

Dashcam footage from the Edmond Police Department shows an officer struggling with a large frozen branch, then slipping and sliding across ice-encrusted grass.

As he walks gingerly back to the sidewalk, another officer arrives, laughing at the cinematic tumble.

“Tree Limb: 1, Edmond Officer: 0,” wrote the Edmond Police Department. “It’s been a rough few days for our state, and we thought you could use a laugh! Don’t worry … other than his pride, our officer is not seriously injured!” Credit: Edmond Police Department via Storyful