Official: CCSC ‘best fallback option’

THE Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) is still being considered a "Plan B" venue for the Sinulog Festival, but as far as preparations in the South Road Properties (SRP) are concerned, a Cebu City official said everything is on schedule.

Councilor Phillip Zafra, chairman of the Sinulog executive committee, told SunStar Cebu Monday, January 9, 2023, that the CCSC remains to be the best fallback option should a need to abandon SRP as the main venue for the festival arises.

But Zafra said this is far-fetched now since the stage for the grand ritual showdown has already been completed and the construction personnel are working 24/7 to complete the amphitheater-type grandstand.

"Ever since we had our Sinulog, naa gyud tay plan B or C. The best option if naa tay plan B is Abellana (CCSC) gyud kay naa nay stage didto. As far as I am concerned, based sa progress sa trabaho ron, I am pretty sure that we can push through here in SRP," said Zafra.

He said as long as the weather continues to cooperate, the venue at the SRP will be completed on January 12 or 13.

Should there be a need to select the fallback option, Zafra said the City Government will decide "on time" and that could probably be a day before the festival on January 15.

"Naa gyud appropriate time for that. We know kanus-a gyud angayan because 24/7 naa mi gipa monitor sa trabaho diri unya kung unsay mga panghitabo, kung gikinahanglan gyud, a day prior or what (mo decide)," said Zafra. (IRT)