Officials Say 'Minimal' Risk of Sinking as Inspections Carried Out on Damaged Venezuelan Oil Tanker

Venezuelan authorities invited officials from the Office of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago for a tour of the damaged FSO Nabarima, which had prompted environmental concerns after tilting to one side, on October 20.

Trinidad and Tobago officials said there was a “minimal” risk the vessel would sink, according to the AP.

There were international environmental concerns for the ship, which had begun leaning to the right earlier in the year, sparking fears that it would sink and tip 1.3m barrels of oil into the ocean, local news reported.

This clip, shared by the Trinidad and Tobago Office of the Prime Minister, shows officials inspecting the ship. Narrating the video, Trinidad and Tobago’s Communication Minister Symon de Norbriga said that Venezuela has started the slow process of unloading oil to further avoid disaster in the future.

The offloading of the oil could take 30 to 35 days, Sea News reported. Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Office of the Prime Minister via Storyful