Oh sh*t: Manila Mayor Isko Moreno steps in human feces in Bonifacio Monument, sacks cop for dirty landmark

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno just stepped in some sh*t. Literally.

Moreno made the shoe to human feces contact earlier today as he inspected the Bonifacio Monument, a shrine in Manila’s Ermita district to revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio. After discovering that human feces was not just on his shoe but all over the landmark, he sacked the police officer allegedly responsible for keeping the place clean.

In a video posted on his Facebook account, Moreno is shown carefully tiptoeing around the shrine with his staff and police escorts to avoid stepping on feces splattered on the ground and even underneath the sculptures.

“This smells like a toilet,” Moreno said. “Where can you find a monument of Andres Bonifacio where there are feces behind him? There are feces everywhere. Son of a b*tch why did they ruin this?”

A few moments later, Moreno noticed there was something icky underneath his shoe.

It was sh*t.

Joking to his staff, he said, “That means I’m lucky. I’m going to have money!”

Despite joking about the poop on his shoe, Moreno’s discovery left him so disgusted that he ordered the sacking of Police Lt. Rowel Robles, the chief of Lawton police community precinct (PCP) which is in charge of maintaining the monument.

Speaking to Manila Police Chief Brigadier General Vicente Danao Jr. on the phone, Moreno said, “The problem is, this is under PCP Lawton. Relieve him (chief of the precinct). There’s sh*t everywhere, man. I think we saw around 100 [pieces of poop], this is one big restroom. Please remove him.”

Aside from ordering Robles’ removal, Moreno also ordered Manila City Hall employees to remove the shanties that were illegally built around the Bonifacio Monument. He also instructed all campaign materials, including his, to be removed from the trees in the park.

Many of Moreno’s supporters agreed with his order to clean up the monument but Facebook user Lorenzo Exconde said there might be a deeper problem that explains why there was poop all over the area.

“The people probably don’t have a restroom that’s why they used the monument as their toilet, mayor. Have a restroom constructed for them because there are probably no restrooms near the area,” he wrote.

Photo: Isko Moreno Domagoso

Moreno and his projects have become popular since he assumed office last week, thanks in part to his team’s regular updates on social media. Last week, he called out the University of the East on a Facebook video after they chose not to suspend classes despite the rain. He also ordered that all public biddings in Manila City Hall be live-streamed on Facebook.

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