Okra toothpaste? Philippines science department researching ways to address market surplus

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Thinking of changing your regular toothpaste? You may or may not want to give this a spin: the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology is reportedly exploring using okra fluid — yep, that slimy stuff that comes out of cooked okra — as a toothpaste.

The science agency is looking into repurposing okra into other products in a bid to address the surplus of okra in the market.

One potential avenue of note? Okra toothpaste infused with calamansi oil, an ingredient said to have whitening properties.

Other okra developments the agency is working on include banaba milk tea, and using okra as a stabilizer.

While the idea of okra toothpaste is novel, people in other countries have also been experimenting with using okra for things besides sustenance. One increasingly popular use of the vegetable is “okra water”, a wellness trend that involves okra pods being soaked in water for 24 hours before being ingested, which is said to promote weight loss and improve blood sugar management.
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