Oksana Masters | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Team USA Para Cycler Oksana Masters explains how she is able to switch from preparing for the Winter Paralymic Games to the Summer Paralympic games, and how she plans to overcome what she calls "Operation: Unfinished Business."

Video Transcript


OKSANA MASTERS: I think I might be one of the few athletes that might be a little bit relieved to have one extra year. Being a Paralympic athlete and handcycling, it gives me that extra year to dial in my equipment and my handcycle. A handcycle is really hard. You don't just go into a store and buy. And it's all custom made. And this is-- that's the beauty, I guess, or the silver lining of it, if you have to find one with the postponement.

And it also kind of being a two-season athlete gives me that time to transition from my winter side to the cycling side. Because of the postponement, kind of a little bit I was excited and a little bit nervous. Because I'm also training for Beijing in the winter in 2022. And that condensed the window from Tokyo 2020 to six months only. And I went from excitement to like, oh my gosh, but I'm really excited. And I have a lot of, I call it, Operation Unfinished Business in cycling after getting fourth in Rio in the road race.

And I really want to improve myself as a cyclist and just be there representing Team USA.