The Old Man’s Dog and the Sea: Terrier Inherited by Fisherman Adapts to New Life on the Waves

After inheriting Maggie the Welsh terrier from his grandpa, commercial fisherman Kale Pixey was determined to integrate her into his life.

“Pretty crazy with the lifestyle of commercial fishing I have,” Pixey told Storyful of his grandfather’s bequest, “but he knew how much I loved her and would take care of her no matter what.” He’s had the dog for two years now.

As Maggie was not used to water, Pixey told Storyful he was careful when it came to introducing her to it. He took her out on small boats on the lakes and rivers of Alaska, where he lives. Impressed with how Maggie coped, Pixey began bringing her on larger boats. Maggie loved her first crabbing trip, Pixey said, and since then, she’s proved real salty dog, accompanying him on Alaska river boats, or hundreds of miles offshore tuna fishing.

Here, Maggie shows her sea legs aboard a vessel crabbing near San Francisco. Credit: Kale Pixey via Storyful