Older sibling trolls brother, inserts photo of shirtless dude in school paper

Having siblings can get you in trouble at home and in school, as proven by this now-viral tweet.

Senior High School student John Teodosio (@teodosiojohnn) shared a photo yesterday showing a photo of a topless guy sneakily inserted into the pages of his school paper by his older brother.

The worst part? The poor guy had no idea and submitted the paper to his professor. It was even his professor who told him about the, er, surprise featuring internet-famous macho dancer Dante Gulapa.

John said in his tweet that he was in a rush to beat the deadline for his group’s business plan, which is why he gave it to his professor without bothering to double check the pages.

“When my [professor] called me, I thought it was because of corrections,” he said in the tweet. “Never trust your brother.”

John told Coconuts Manila through a direct message that he asked his brother Mark Teodosio yesterday to print and bring the paper to his Manila-based school because they aren’t allowed to go outside when on campus.

“It was past my deadline when I finished it and there’s no printer [on campus] so I had to ask my brother to print it for me,” he said. “I was kind of rude about it to be honest because I was already rushing.”

Mark, the older brother, also told Coconuts through Twitter that the prank was his way of getting revenge.

He said: “[My] bro forgot to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ So as a prank and to teach him a lesson, I just had to [do that].”


The Grade 12 student said that just a few minutes after he submitted the paper, his professor called him and showed the class the sexy photo.

“I was ashamed, nervous, and confused all at the same time. [But] my professor didn’t get mad because everybody in our class was laughing. He laughed [too],” John added.

The tweet received over 34,000 likes and 5,200 retweets. Netizens thought it was hella funny.

Twitter user @jjeanneandrei wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “PLS SAY THANK YOU HAHAHA”

Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter
Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter

@ejbonagua said: “It’s even a full page”

Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter
Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter

@chrzzrd shared she wants to have an older brother. She wrote: “I want to have a brother. But f*ck that Dante [photo].”

Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter
Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter

@caramelrenzo added that if he were the professor, he’d give Teodosio the highest grade.

Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter
Photo: @teodosiojohnn/Twitter

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