Oliva: Virus vax prevents severe symptoms

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EVEN after completing her vaccination, Mandaue City Treasurer Regal Oliva tested positive for the virus that causes the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Oliva received her second dose of Covid-19 vaccine on May 20, 2021.

In an interview with Superbalita Cebu, Oliva said her family went on a staycation to celebrate her sibling's birthday on June 1, 2021.

Due to her line of work in the government and because there are senior citizens in her family, Oliva underwent a swab test to ensure that she was negative of coronavirus.

She underwent a second swab test on June 29 in one of Mandaue City's swabbing areas, but the test results would still be released in two to three days. This prompted her to undergo another swab test on Wednesday, June 30, in a private clinic where the test result would be released on the same day.

On Tuesday evening, Oliva experienced a runny nose, which she thought was one of the symptoms of her allergic rhinitis. But on Wednesday night, the results of the two swab tests she took revealed she was positive for coronavirus.

She said that while she was positive for the virus, she believed that the vaccine was still effective because the symptoms she experienced were "mild," such as a runny nose and loss of taste and smell.

She compared her symptoms to the one her friend experienced. Positive of Covid-19, her friend had to be admitted to a hospital because her symptoms were severe.

Oliva said it is still recommendable to get vaccinated against Covid-19 because the symptoms a vaccinated person would experience would not be as severe as those a non-vaccinated individual could experience.

She is grateful that none of her family members and staff tested positive for the virus. (KFD/NRC)

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