Olivia Munn on how she learnt to accept her changing pregnancy body

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Photo credit: Taylor Hill - Getty Images
Photo credit: Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Earlier this year, Ocean's 8 star Olivia Munn revealed she's expecting her first child with comedian John Mulaney. Since then she's kept her pregnancy journey relatively private, but now she's opened up about her changing pregnancy body and how her friends helped her learn to love it.

"I've been getting a lot of rest and eating the right foods," Olivia told People, "And my friends have been giving me some great advice. That's been keeping me sane!"

Speaking about the advice that's really got her through the tougher days of her pregnancy, the 41-year-old said: "What's helped me the most is when friends tell me not to compare myself to other pregnant women."

She continued, "It can be difficult as your body is changing and you feel like you look different or your body is putting on weight in different places. The consistent image that's portrayed is usually very effortless and fashionable. Mine has been a lot of oversized sweatpants!"

Comparison on social media is something most of us can relate to, with plenty of celebrities and influencers themselves admitting to falling into this trap, leading to apps like Facebook and Instagram now giving users the option to hide the likes on their posts.

Social media aside, the Magic Mike star also revealed that she and partner John are "still deciding" whether they'll find out the baby's gender. But that hasn't stopped her family from getting excited about the new arrival, especially Olivia's mum.

"My mom crochets and knits a lot of stuff," she said, "She makes little rattles or stuffed animal toys already. This is still a new experience for me so to see my mom excited makes it feel a lot more real! I'm really excited."

It's not the first time Olivia has opened up about her journey to motherhood. Speaking to Anna Faris on her podcast back in 2016, the actress shared that she "froze a bunch of eggs" when she turned 35, because "you're high risk [for difficulty conceiving]" from then on.

"I think that every girl should do it. For one, you don't have to race the clock any more. You don't have to worry about it, worry about your job or anything. It's there," she continued. Other celebrities who've frozen their eggs include Emma Roberts and Michaela Coel.

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