Dennis Trillo also wows judges at Venice Film Festival

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Dennis Trillo as Roman Rubio in On The Job: The Missing 8 (Source: Quark Henares/Twitter)
Dennis Trillo as Roman Rubio in On The Job: The Missing 8 (Source: Quark Henares/Twitter)

It would have been a major win for the Philippines. As it turns out, it wasn’t just Best Actor winner John Arcilla who wowed audiences at the 78th Venice International Film Festival with his On The Job: The Missing 8 performance, hisco-actor Dennis Trillo also made quite an impression on judges.

According to Nomadland director and jury member Chloé Zhao, Trillo was supposed to tie with Arcilla for the Volpi Cup for Best Actor award.

“If we could give you a joint award, we would give it to both of you. But we weren’t allowed to,” Zhao said in the clip released by producer Quark Henares on Wednesday (September 15).

Zhao sang praises for Trillo’s performance. The director even looked into the actor’s personal life thinking that like his character hitman-inmate Roman Rubio, Trillo was also a real prisoner.

“She said she Googled him because she thought he was a real prisoner only to find out he was a matinee idol of some sort," Henares said.

Several other jury members also lauded Trillo. In another tweet from Henares, Trillo can be seen talking to Cynthia Erivo, Sarah Gadon, and the jury head, Parasite director Bong Joon-ho, who all told the actor that he was “excellent.”

On Instagram, Trillo expressed his gratitude for all the positive feedback, saying that it was enough. He also praised Arcilla for winning the award, and said that he latter more than deserve it.

Okay lang ‘yun rekdi, bawi ako next time,” he captioned the video of Zhao. (That’s okay, director [Zhao], I’ll do better next time.)

Trillo then addressed his co-star Arcilla: “Ikaw talaga ang pinakamagaling kahit noon pa (You are really the best, even before). [The] Volpi Cup is long overdue for you.”

Trillo also posted a photo of himself with the Venice Grand Jury, as well as a tribute to Arcilla. 

Arcilla, who plays the character of Sisoy Salas, will go down in history as the first Filipino actor to receive the coveted Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

In his acceptance speech, Arcilla said: “We come from different countries with different languages and cultures, and yet I can feel oneness tonight…that you understand me and we understand each other – all because of the arts and cinema. Thank you so much!”

Henares revealed that Bong also praised the film and its director Erik Matti.

“He asked Erik questions about [the] soundtrack, [the locations], the number of days, the budget,” he tweeted, then shared a video of their team sitting with Bong during the dinner party.

“Every time we’d bring up his films or the other festival films, he’d politely answer and turn the topic back to On The Job. He seemed to really love the film. He left after a while to do jury president duties but stopped by before leaving to give [Erik Matti] a hug,” the producer added.

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