One killed, eight injured after hanging bridge collapses in the Philippines

This is the terrifying moment festival spectators were rescued after a bridge collapsed killing a five-month-old baby and injuring eight.

The victims were watching the Sinulog Fluvial Parade boat procession in Negros Occidental, the Philippines, when the bridge collapsed because of the weight.

In the video, the festival-goers were seen hanging from what was left of the wooden and rope footbridge after one of its snapped cable on January 19.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jonel Guadalupe said the baby was being carried by her babysitter when the bridge snapped and they both plunged into the water.

He said: ''The child was held by her babysitter when the bridge collapsed, causing them to fall into the river. The sitter lost her hold of the baby.

''The baby later died at the hospital on the Monday at 5pm after the accident.''

More than 20 people were rescued from the Camugao River after the accident at around 7am local timeand taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Officials said that four adults and four children were seriously hurt in the accident. Mayor Pedro Zayco said the city government will give assistance to all the victims who were taken to hospital while workers will replace the bridge.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit (DRRMO) division head Elbert Javellana said the victims fell into the river while they were watching the parade.

Javellana said the bridge is likely to have collapsed due to being overloaded with people who had packed onto the walkway to watch the boat parade.

Police and rescue teams responded immediately as they were already stationed in the area for the parade.

Javellana said the victims sustained minor injuries and were taken to the nearest hospital. He said the bridge has been used for around 20 to 30 years years connecting a village to the nearest town.

He said: ''People seldom pass by the bridge but because of the parade, people flocked to the area to witness the event.''