One mom shares how she potty-trained her son in 3 easy steps

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Struggling with potty training? Read Mommy Mika’s personal account and tips on how to potty train your child.

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  • Signs that your child is ready to be potty-trained

  • How to potty train your child – tips from Mommy Mika

  • Materials and books that can help in potty training

Potty learning could be quite overwhelming! So many books have been published on this topic alone. How intense could that be, right? Now that I’ve made my way through it (Phew! Finally!), I feel that parents can go through it with so much ease the same way we did. The only way I was able to do this was when I finally let go of the pressure I put on myself.

Sometimes parenting can become a competition of who did what first. We tire ourselves day in and day out to get our children to do everything all at once so people can think they are “advanced” but this is just a mere trap that goes around and around.

The moment I let go of this trap, I learned to celebrate my children for who they truly are and give them enough time and space to ease into this world with more love.

When it comes to potty training, the general rule is that when your child is ready, they will be ready, so it’s best to watch out for signs and support them properly.

how to potty train
how to potty train

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Signs that your child is ready to be potty trained

1. Removing their diapers on their own

You may notice that they will try to do this at random times within the day, but especially before or after they have peed on their diapers

2. Pulling their pants up and down

During bath time or times when they need to change their clothes, notice if they are already trying to remove their clothes on their own.

3. Holding in their pee for a long period of time

You might notice a dry diaper when waking up in the morning or after naptime. This can be a good sign that they can control the urge to go to the potty already.

How to potty train your child

Getting ready to potty:

If you notice these things in your child, best to help them ease into potty training. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Make them wear pants that are loose enough for them to pull up and down easily.

2. Give them enough space to do these on their own so they can practice.

3. Go without the diapers so they know what it feels like to be wet. If you want a mess-free option, try cloth diapers.

You know them best, parents. Once you think they are ready here are some tips that worked for us:

1. Prepare yourself first because consistency is key!

It will be messy. There will be a lot of reminding to do. One day it will seem like they got it all figured out and the next day might be a whole new story.

Load up on patience and love. One thing that helped me is to just enjoy the process however messy it can get. Include them in the cleaning up and the washing – they seem to enjoy this.

2. Prepare their potty area.

Whether you will use a potty or a potty seat — make the area interesting and child-friendly. Make sure everything is accessible even without your supervision and make the area comfortable and safe.

how to potty train
how to potty train

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During this period, it’s best to stay home but IF you need to go out, take the potty with you and show him where he can find it. Also, make sure to have it available in several places in your home where they spend most of their time. Having it always visible reminds them when they have to go even without reminding.

3. When they start showing signs, talk to them about it.

Walk them through what will happen; find books about potty training.

We also need to model it. This, I noticed, works better than just simply telling them what will happen. This gives them an idea of how to sit properly in the potty, how to properly remove our pants and this is a perfect time to model good hygiene too. Remember to wash your hands after!


Helpful materials for potty training

Here are the books that we used:

Why Do We Need A Potty? by Katie Daynes

This is perfect if you’ll be using a potty, and it’s also gender-sensitive!

First Steps Toilet Time by Dr. JanetHall, Ph.D.

This comes in a boy or girl version. The set includes a book for your child, a manual for parents, and a 2-poster and sticker set for you to hang and put stickers every time they have a successful go in the potty.

how to potty train
how to potty train

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If you’re looking for a potty for your child, here’s what I recommend:

  • Summer My Size Potty — I love how this depicts an actual toilet with flush and toilet seat.

  • Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty — this is perfect for families who are on the go. Easy to pack, easy to clean, easy to set up, and flexible to be a potty or a potty seat.

  • Bonjour Whale Potty — My son enjoys animals and if your child is the same, this might just do the trick.

  • Bonjour Step Stool — we use for times we use a potty seat. I make sure that there’s also a potty seat available in our own toilet so he can try it out once in a while. After all, that’s what he’ll end up using in the long run.

How to potty train – dealing with accidents

Accidents are part of potty training. Here are some tips on how to support your child when it happens:

1. Re-center

Lead them back to their potties and change them there. Remind them to do it there next time as gentle and as loving as you can.

2. Avoid laughing at them.

They might keep doing it just to make you laugh more, or this could also hurt their feelings.

3. Keep encouraging!

Give pep talks and keep cheering them on! (Sometimes you need to do this for yourself too. Parents, you are doing a wonderful job!)

how to potty train
how to potty train

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Mommy Mika’s Extra tips for Number 2s

1. Look for cues!

Once you spot it, GENTLY invite them to go to the potty. This phrase worked wonders with us: “Do you want to go to your potty or do you want to hold my hand and go together?” Extend your hand. I noticed that they don’t like being picked up and rushed to their potties so do this as gently as you can.

2. Make the experience super comfortable for them because they are still getting used to this.

Sometimes, you’ll have to hold their hand in there; mine asked for hugs. I tried giving him music, books and I posted in front of him a drawing of a bear we drew together —doing potty— with his hands up. My son always gave the bear a high five after he used his potty – this was his idea!

It’s also nice to follow their interest during this time. Think of what interests them and have it available near them. Just make sure it’s not something too overwhelming that they forget it’s potty time.

3. Follow through.

YOU DID IT! Just keep following through. Once they get comfortable, they’ll keep doing it on their own and keep acknowledging the act with a smile or a warm embrace!

That’s it — its your turn parents! Remember consistency is key and do this as gentle and as loving as you can and you’ll get there in no time. I’m cheering for you!

how to potty train Mommy Mika
how to potty train Mommy Mika

Image courtesy of the author


Mika Mendoza is a woman in public office journeying her way to motherhood with her two beautiful boys, Q & Sev.

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