One-stop, full pampering experience

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“YOU are exactly where you need to be.”

This is the writing on the wall that welcomes guests to My Lash Salon, a brow, lash, nail and waxing salon that offers a place to relax for Cebuanas who are always on the go.

“I want busy girls to feel like it’s okay to stop hustling and take care of yourself once in a while. It’s okay to be wherever you are in life right now,” branch owner Mikee Li Bi-Go said of opening the first My Lash Salon franchise outside of Manila, on the third floor of Ayala Malls Central Bloc.

Before opening this outlet, Mikee has been providing brow and lash treatments for three years with her Winked services. She was trained and certified in Hong Kong and Manila for semi-permanent makeup like microblading, Yumi lashes, lash liner and Glow Up foundation. Her team members all have prior experience and/or were trained for at least three months before handling a client.

Every brow and lash procedure is available depending on each client’s preferences and comfort level. Mikee herself does brow microblading and has had repeat clients returning to her for touch-ups since she started. If not interested in microblading, keep the brows shaped and defined with tint and threading.

Full, lifted lashes have a way of instantly perking up the entire face. However, we’ve seen results when lash extensions are not done well: clumpy, spidery lashes with bald spots. My Lash Salon specializes in proper individual application of extensions so that one doesn’t end up with the horror of a bald eyelid. The lash menu offers choices for eyelash weight, thickness, length and curl for full customization. For her franchise in Cebu, Mikee ensured she was able to source air sable lashes, a premium type of mink lash that are antibacterial and nearly weightless, with tapered ends for the most believable effect.

For those who already have long eyelashes but just want to enhance them a bit more, the Keralash lift with tint thickens and enhances for several weeks of lusher lashes.

Complete the experience with waxing and nail services. My Lash Salon uses organic hot and cold wax for the face, underarms, legs and bikini area. For nails, regular and gel polishes are available using brands like Orly, Zoya and Essie. Packages for nails, brows and lashes are available for a one-stop full pampering experience.

Caution must still be exercised while on quarantine. Should you wish to avail of services, safety protocols are strictly in place in the mall and the salon. At My Lash Salon, a contactless tracing form is provided upon entry, the staff are in full PPE, all tools and surfaces are sanitized between clients and every client is given a quick full body misting of sanitizing spray at the reception area.

For appointments and more information, visit @mylashsaloncebu on Instagram.

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