‘That’s One Way to Get Rid of It’: South Australian Jetty Catches Fire During Demolition

A welder working on the demolition of a jetty in Whyalla, South Australia, was forced to jump into the water on September 11, when a fire broke out, the South Australia Police said.

The man’s life jacket inflated, police said, but the current caused him difficulty getting back to shore. Luckily for him, a police officer, who was in Whyalla for a training course, saw his distress and swam out to help “guide him safely back to shore,” police said.

The jetty has been closed for the past two years, and is being demolished to make way for a larger replacement intended for recreational fishing, locals, and tourists, the City of Whyalla said.

The extent of the blaze was captured from an overlooking hill by local man Nathan Myers. “That’s one way to get rid of it,” he quipped. Credit: Nathan Myers via Storyful