One with nature in Boracay Garden resort

Boracay Garden resort at night

Boracay may be known as among the world’s best beach-party places, but if you’re eyeing a Boracay beach experience sans the typical revelry, then a nature-inspired accommodation would suit you best.

Nestled near the beach—but a few walks away from the main party block along Station 2—lies Boracay Garden Resort, a mini-paradise that allows you to be one with nature.

Not-so-hidden paradise

From the beach front, Boracay Garden Resort seems just like any other resort in the island. It is easily accessible, but it doesn’t shout lavishness and appears to offer nothing but ordinary accommodation. A short walk into the compound, however, one would be surprised to see what sets Boracay Garden apart.

While pocket-friendly accommodations abound in Boracay, such resorts do not offer what Boracay Garden does: luxurious facilities at a relatively affordable price, enormous room spaces, and of course vast tree-lined spaces, hence the resort’s name.

“We have to plant more trees. We also use less plastic and if there’s plastic we collect it and we sell it,” says Henry Chusuey, Chairman of Hennan Resorts, which manages Boracay Garden Resort. Chusuey notes that there is no other resort in the island that provides a “greenery” feel.

The greens in the resort indeed provide a calming vibe. The trees help keep the area relatively cool as well. 

The resort also has huge and inviting swimming pools.  Though one would smirk at the thought of choosing a pool when you’re near the beach, Boracay Garden Resort’s pools are just too irresistible! It’s best to take a dip when it’s too dangerous to swim at night or when the beach gets too crowded. For that relaxing plunge, choose among Boracay Garden’s pools: the relaxing Olympic-sized one, a warm Jacuzzi-like pool, a safe one for the kids, and a private pool adjacent to special rooms.

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Chusuey also notes that as a resort developer, he makes sure that regulations are followed—more open spaces means more leisurely walks. The resort is also not one to skimp on space: in fact, Boracay Garden now claims to have the most number of rooms, especially with its expansion which may bring as much as new 363 room accommodations by the end of 2013.

The resort also has eight new rooms: one executive suite and seven grand rooms that boast of modern Asia interiors, hi-tech entertainment and spacious shower and bath areas, apart from the private balcony overlooking resort grounds.

“There’s always a choice for people…it’s important that when tourists check-out, they’re happy and get their value for money,” Chusuey adds, noting that guests ranging from Koreans to Europeans, whether families or barkadas, can pick a room suitable for their needs.

Room rates in Boracay Garden Resort range from P4,000-P9,000, inclusive of buffet breakfast. Cebu Pacific flies to Caticlan and Kalibo from Manila 12 times and 4 times daily, respectively.

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