Online enrollment, classes mulled

ENROLLMENT and classes at the Mandaue City College (MCC) may be held online for school year 2020-2021.

John Eddu Ibañez, Mayor Jonas Cortes’ executive secretary, said the matter was taken up by the MCC board of trustees, which convened to discuss strategies on enrollment and teaching under the “new normal” setting.

The “new normal” setting will balance the need for quality tertiary education while following the protocol to protect students from the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019.

Ibañez said the board of trustees has considered having enrolment online and, if possible, holding classes online.

The City Government is building 12 new classrooms at the back of the present MCC in Barangay Centro. The campus is located at the back of the Mandaue City Cultural and Sports Complex.

Even before the health crisis, Ibañez said the mayor had been planning to build the classrooms and the budget for their construction was not realigned.

He said the new classrooms are nearly complete.

Each classroom will have internet connection for the teacher to use during online classes.

The MCC has 20 regular teachers. The City has yet to decide whether to provide them with a laptop each.

Ibañez said the enrollment has yet to start, as the school is still waiting for guidelines from the Commission on Higher Education. (KFD)