Only 55 Covid-19 patients in school isolation unit

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DESPITE the rise in the number of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases, only 20 percent of Mandaue City’s isolation facility is being used.

Dr. Ligaya Lakambini Dargantes, head of patient care and management of the city’s Emergency Operation Center, said she is referring to the isolation unit at the Mandaue City Central School.

She said the facility currently has 80 occupants, of which 55 are confirmed Covid-19 patients and five await their swab results. Fourteen non-Covid-19 patients (nurses waiting for their swab results before they can go home) and six overseas Filipino workers (OFW) or returning overseas Filipinos (ROF) are housed in another building.

Dargantes targets moving to the City’s quarantine facilities at the Norkis Park on Plaridel St. in Barangay Looc and at the former Cebu North Bus Terminal next month.

However, they plan to extend their stay at the Mandaue City Central School to house OFWs and ROFs who will undergo the required 14-day quarantine, she said.

She said they’re putting finishing touches to the Norkis Park facility such as installing internet connection and signs, among others.

Dargantes said even if the city’s Covid-19 cases continue to increase by double digits each day, they will still be able to accommodate patients at the two new facilities, which can cater to 60 patients each.

She said a group has lent them 100 collapsible beds that will allow them to admit more patients if needed.

At the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak in the city last year, Dargantes said their highest admission was around 120 patients.

Dargantes said Mandaue continues to allow home quarantine even though other local government units have prohibited the practice.

As long as the households are qualified, then there’s no problem, she said, citing practicality.

She said contact tracing teams will monitor patients and lockdown kits will be provided so those inside won’t have a reason to go out.

Patients who violate home quarantine protocol will face the appropriate charges, she said.

On Jan. 29, Mandaue logged 16 new cases, raising its total case count to 3,028, of which 284 were active cases. The city has been posting new daily cases in the double digits since Jan. 20. (KFD)