Oops, there was error in NatGeo's 'Inside Malacanang'

Jonathan de Santos
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

A “machine problem” inadvertently tweaked history.

An executive has admitted Tuesday an inaccuracy in a documentary about Malacanang that aired in National Geographic Channel over the weekend.
The version of “Inside Malacanang” that NatGeo aired had the footage of then President Corazon Aquino leaving the Palace through the Pasig River exit during a coup attempt in 1987. Voice-over narration said she was being evacuated from Malacanang.
According to a statement published in full on Rappler.com, FOX International Channels which carries NatGeo, said the faux pas was a result of a “technical error.”
“We already revised the materials to make it accurate which is what we strive to have. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, an unforeseen machine problem happened,” Jude Turcuato, vice president and Philippines territory head for FOX International Channels, said.
Undersecretary Manuel Quezon III pointed out the error through his Twitter account Sunday, saying Mrs. Aquino was on the ferry “to see casualties in coup, including her son.”
“Producers had pledged to correct the wrong information in ‘Inside Malacanang’ and we hope this will be done for international release,” he also said through Twitter.
Turcuato said a corrected version will be shown in future airings.
“National Geographic strives for the utmost accuracy in its documentaries, and deeply regrets that an unrevised version was broadcast,” his statement read.
“Nevertheless, we are very grateful for the overall experience of being able to document and bring Malacañang closer to the Filipino people and the rest of the world through this documentary,” Turcuato also said.
Quezon, again on Twitter, said National Geographic Channel’s prompt action “is very much to be commended.”