’Operation Tuli’ not yet allowed, says EOC

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SUMMERTIME is usually the time when pre-pubescent boys would be freed from the shackles of their “pisot (uncircumcised)” days by surviving the greatest battle of their lives before manhood—the

“operation tuli.”

In Cebu City, “pisot” boys are aplenty as the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has not yet allowed the holding of circumcisions in the city because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In last year’s summer, there was no single “operation tuli” as Covid-19 cases started to increase in Cebu City.

Not essential

Unlike “lugaw (porridge),” being ‘tuli’ is not essential amid the pandemic, said City Councilor Joel Garganera, EOC deputy chief implementer.

The councilor said it would be hard to follow the health protocols during the process of circumcision.

Garganera said most of the boys would cry and shout during “operation tuli.” These acts would result in the spread of the droplets in the venue.

Citing existing studies, Garganera said when a person shouts, the droplets can spread six feet and beyond.

He said it would also be hard for the one undertaking the circumcision to do the operation while wearing a full personal protective


Garganera issued the statement after receiving letters from different groups, asking the EOC if it is allowed to hold “operation tuli.”

“So here’s our answer: We are not (allowing them). Cebu City EOC is not allowing ‘operation tuli,’ bawal na (it’s not allowed) because, for one, it’s not essential,” said Garganera. “Let’s skip lang sa niana (that kind of activity).”

Dental services

Garganera said the same applies when it comes to availing dental services.

He advised the public to only go to dental clinics when they have an “extreme” condition, which means if their toothache is already unbearable.

Garganera said it would be better if medical frontliners would focus on the vaccination program, especially that more Covid-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in the country.

He said medical frontliners are needed in the vaccine sites.