Organization to sue cemetery demolition perpetrators

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THE Ludo and Luym Foundation Inc. (LLFI), is preparing to file complaints against the heirs of Pablo Q. Sy for what it called the unlawful destruction that took place inside the Ludo Memorial Park in Barangay Carreta, Cebu City.

The demolition took place on Jan. 9 and 10, 2021.

The perpetrators allegedly used “force, intimidation and violence, without any court order and without the consent of LLFI,” to destroy or demolish several graves and mausoleums inside the cemetery, according to the statement released by the LLFI, which owns the cemetery.

Amanda Luym posted on her Facebook account a video of the demolition, which she described as “senseless destruction.”

“The heirs of a Pablo Q. Sy broke into the grounds with heavy machinery and broke graves and desecrated poor souls’ burial grounds... We have alerted the authorities who are sending police to stop this senseless act,” she said.

Luym told SunStar Cebu that the news came as a shock to them.

“We have reported to the police to stop this because obviously it is an illegal action,” she said.

SunStar Cebu tried to call the heirs of Sy for their statement on the matter but their numbers could not be reached. (JOB)