Orphaned Monkeys Receive Much-Needed TLC at Bolivian Sanctuary

A group of 12 orphaned monkeys received some much-needed mothering at an animal sanctuary in Bolivia.

Footage shared by Gosia Zdziechowska to her Polish Dr Dolittle YouTube channel shows her being “mom” to to the monkeys at La Senda Verde animal refuge.

“Their moms and families were killed and they were sold as pets. People couldn’t take care of them properly, so they were malnourished and sick. Many of the owners got rid of them. The monkeys have been found hiding on the streets, scared,” Zdziechowska told Storyful.

Zdziechowska helped take care of them while she was volunteering at La Senda Verde, feeding the monkeys seven times a day and making sure their facilities were cleaned.

“We cleaned their enclosures, observed them, but above all we were there for them, when they needed us. When they got scared, when they wanted a hug, when they needed a mom – we were there for them,” she said. Credit: Polish Dr Dolittle via Storyful

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