Osca to get rid of deceased senior citizens

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THE Office for Senior Citizens Affair (Osca) in Cebu City is now intensifying its “cleansing” of members to get rid of elderly who are already dead but are still included in the list of beneficiaries for financial assistance.

Osca head Vicente “Inting” Esmeña said Thursday, September 22, 2022, that City Hall personnel are now doing inspections in every barangays to determine if the senior citizen is still alive or is already deceased.

“Atoa gi tagaan og master list sa senior citizen per barangay. Mao na ilang gitrabaho karon, gi una nato na kay hapit na raba ta manghatag (financial assistance)... i-cleansing gyud per barangay. Patay, patay gyud,” said Esmeña.

(We gave the master list of senior citizen per barangay. That's what they are doing now, we are working on it first as we are about to give (financial assistance)...there should be cleansing per barangay. Dead if it's really dead).

The alleged “dead claimants” of the senior citizen financial assistance sparked controversy in the past few months, prompting Mayor Michael Rama to threaten involved government officials with possible termination.

Esmeña said they are now waiting for the budget appropriation from the City Council for the release of the cash aid for September.

But he added that there is a possibility that this month, October, November, and December’s financial assistance will be given in bulk by December.

“Pero kung diretsohon ni mayor nga December na lang kay mao man sad ang ubang sugyot sa mga senior kay malipay man para modaku... para maka shopping sila,” said Esmeña.

(But if the mayor does it in December since this is also the suggestion of the other seniors, the latter will be very happy because they'll have bigger take home pay... so they can do the shopping).

Qualified elderly are entitled to receive P1,000 financial assistance per month but it has been the practice that the cash aid will be given every two or three months. (IRT)