Over 10M Filipinos receive national ID cards

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OVER 10 million Philippine Identification (PhilID) cards have been delivered to Filipinos across the country, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

PSA said 10,548,906 cards have been delivered as of April 30, 2022, making up 33.7 percent of the agency’s target this year.

“PSA recognizes this milestone as an outcome of our collective efforts with partner agencies and the field offices involved in producing and delivering PhilID cards to our registrants nationwide,” said PSA undersecretary Dennis Mapa. “We are determined to continue to put forth initiatives that will accelerate PhilSys operations across all sectors.”

Step 3 of PhilSys registration involves the delivery of PhilID cards to registrants in collaboration with the Philippine Postal Corp. The PSA has also tapped field offices to assist in delivering PhilIDs to registrants located in remote areas nationwide.

Meanwhile, the authenticity of a PhilID card and the information contained in its QR code can now be verified through PhilSys Check. The agency said the recently launched website enables parties to easily conduct identity verification among PhilID cardholders.

The PSA is also working on the PhilSys mobile application, which is the digital version of the PhilID that can be used in public and private transactions ahead of the physical ID card. (with PR)

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