Over 4.7M people vaccinated in Central Visayas

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MORE than 4.7 million individuals in Central Visayas have so far been fully vaccinated against coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

As of July 4, 2022, at least 4,734,806 individuals or 72.04 percent of the 6,572,248 target population in the region got their second dose, or have been vaccinated with a single dose of Janssen vaccine.

Data from the Department of Health in Central Visayas (DOH 7) also showed that about 75.51 percent or 4,962,755 individuals have so far received the first dose, including Janssen.

Of the number, Mandaue City had the highest vaccination rate, as it exceeded its target population with 103.16 percent or 341,311 fully vaccinated individuals.

With a target of 330,860 population, the city already vaccinated about 108.52 percent or 359,051 individuals for first dose.

It was followed by Lapu-Lapu City with 101.16 percent or 376,652 fully vaccinated individuals of the 372,333 target population.

Lapu-Lapu City also vaccinated 108 percent or 402,138 individuals.

Cebu City had fully vaccinated 90.46 percent or 761,443 individuals of the 841,724 target population.

Meanwhile, Siquijor had highest vaccination rate among the four provinces in Central Visayas with 92.21 percent or 75,835 fully vaccinated individuals.

The province, however, had the lowest target population among the provinces and three highly urbanized cities (HUCs), with only 82,244.

Bohol and Cebu had 71.59 percent or 798,483 fully vaccinated individuals and 64.22 percent or 1,722,033 fully vaccinated individuals, respectively.

While Cebu is low in the terms of vaccination rate, it had the biggest number of vaccinated individuals among the provinces and HUCs.

With a target of 2,681,313, Cebu Province already vaccinated 65.65 percent or 1,760,269 individuals for first dose or single dose.

Bohol had a target population of 1,115,350 individuals to vaccinate, and it already jabbed 74.67 percent or 832,873 individuals for first dose.

Negros Oriental had the lowest vaccination rate among the provinces with 57.39 percent or 659,049 fully vaccinated individuals.

It had vaccinated 59.81 percent or 686,827 individuals of the 1,148,424 target population. (MKG)

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