Over 400 cops trained on motorcycle riding skills

MORE than 400 policemen from the Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO 7) were trained to become Bisdak Cop Riders on Thursday morning, November 10, in Camp Sergio Osmeña Sr., Cebu City.

The cop riders, who will be tasked to go after criminals in Cebu, including riding-in-tandem gunmen, were trained on motorcycle riding skills.

PRO 7 Director Police Brigadier General Roderick Augustus Alba said they launched the program on Thursday in Camp Sergio Osmeña Sr. in anticipation of the rise in criminal activities in the region as the situation goes back to normal now that the Covid-19 pandemic dwindles.

In Cebu City, at least eight Bisdak Cop Riders will be assigned to rove around the city every day.

Their first priority is to apprehend riding-in-tandem suspects.

Alba admitted that they still lack motorcycles that can be used by the more than 400 Bisdak Cop Riders.

He welcomed, however, the declaration of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) that the program will help bring down the incidence of crime.

Kelie Ko, president of MCCI, added that the program would also encourage more businessmen to pour in more investments into the city once the peace situation improves. (AYB, TPT)