Owners Save Puppy From Python's Coils in Australian Backyard

Owners of a puppy in Sippy Downs, Queensland, sprang into action after a carpet python lunged out from a bush and coiled itself around the little dog on November 27, reports said.

Video captured by the family’s security camera shows Jasper, a nine-week-old puppy, sniffing around in the backyard before a snake springs out of a nearby bush and wraps itself around him. His owners come to his aid seconds later, trying to bat at the snake before one woman grabs it with her bare hands. She swings the snake and eventually shakes Jasper free before flinging the python.

The owners said they found the snake "completely wrapped around Jasper as he yelped for help. In that first moment we used a cardboard Xmas wrap roll to try and knock the snake off him but quickly realized it was useless and we would need to pull the snake off by hand.

“Thankfully Jasper received only minimal injuries and hopefully this incident reminds others to keep a close eye on their pets,” wrote the family on YouTube.

The python is also okay, according to reports. Credit: Michelle van Schouwen via Storyful