Ox zodiac forecast: Be careful with everything you do, especially with your communication

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Ox zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)
Ox zodiac. (Photo: iStock/Getty Images)

2021 is the Golden Year of the Ox, so those born in the year of the Ox need to be careful in everything. Feng Shui and Numerology master Xie Yuanjin said that you should avoid reckless behaviours in Tai Sui year and be more cautious in all aspects of life, such as investment, driving, and going out to prevent financial loss or accidents. Traditionally, people go to the temple before the fifteenth of the first lunar month to light a bright lamp, praying for safety.

In the first lunar month, noble and wealth stars gather energy

In the monthly fortune section, for those born in the year of the Ox, the best month for this year falls on the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and tenth months in the lunar calendar. At the beginning of the new year, the noble person and wealth stars gather, bringing positive energy.

Noble person stars will also lend a hand in the fourth, seventh, eighth, and tenth months. If there are major plans to embark on in 2021, it is recommended to start in seventh, eighth, or tenth months. Especially in the tenth month, prior investments have the opportunity to profit from the noble star. However, due to the influence of Tai Sui, you should always be cautious.

The third, fifth, sixth, and ninth months of the lunar calendar are the months with poor luck. Disagreements in the third and sixth months will lead to conflicts and constant argument with others. It is recommended to be patient and avoid getting too angry, resulting in being out of control. Relationship problems in the fifth month may surface, and you must be careful about losing money unknowingly. Investment and financial management in these months are also not suitable. You will feel more stressed, resulting in health issues in the ninth month. Be cautious and avoid impulsive quarrels with others to prevent false accusations.

Those born in the year of the Ox will have a hard time in the first half of the year but things will get better during the second half. The lucky colour for those born in the year of the Ox is gold, so carrying a golden card or copper coins is beneficial to them. It is recommended to avoid renovating in the southeast sector at home during 2021. Suppose a neighbour, staying the southeast of your home is renovating their house. In that case, it is recommended to place a copper turtle shell in the direction facing the renovation to avoid injury, surgery or accidents happening to you.

If you want to improve your fortune, Xie suggests that you can place a cornucopia, a crystal cave or six emperors' money at home, according to the nature of your work. Those working in administrative jobs can place them in the south while business owners can put it in the west sector at home.

Analysis based on birth years

■Born in 1949, 73 years old:

Think twice before acting, be cautious, and be extra careful to protect your capital when investing.

■Born in 1961, 61 years old:

In the first half of the year, your fortune is stable. However, in the second half of 2021, your fortune will be shaky. You should seek growth in stability.

■Born in 1973, 49 years old:

It is easy for you to encounter good opportunities in 2021, but you should always avoid over-investing. Be careful when you are driving or when stepping out of the house.

■Born in 1985, 37 years old:

Due to Tai Sui, you will be under a lot of pressure in the first half of 2021, feeling depressed quickly. Stay humble and keep a low profile to avoid problems.

■Born in 1995, 25 years old:

Those born in the Ox's year can expect prosperous fortune, both in the career and wealth sectors. Be cautious and avoid taking the lead to prevent issues.

■Born in 2009, 13 years old:

Pay special attention to emotion management, read books and embark on assignments without rushing into them.

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