P1.2-M fund raised for 'Cebu 8'

THE Youth Act Now against Tyranny (Yanat) Cebu had raised P1,275,616 within two days for the bail of the "Cebu 8."

The Cebu 8, composed of seven UP Cebu students and one alumna, was released evening of June 8, 2020, without bail amount recommended. Yanat gave the donors various options to their donated funds.

Howell Villacrucis, the lead coordinator of the donation drive, said in the virtual press conference that since Friday, June 5, 2020, they started to raise funds for the operational expenses of the Cebu 8.

They have spent P2,338, so the total cash donations left is P1,273,279.78.

"The total amount that was received is overwhelming. More than the quantity that was raised, the amount speaks of the quality of support that was gathered in a rather short span of time," said Villacrucis.

"It is a proof that the Filipinos did not and would not stand idly by in the face of repression, abuse, and tyranny. It is a victory in itself," he added.

Though the Cebu 8 was released without bail, Villacrucis said this does not mean that the battle is over.

They still have to expect legal team's operation expenses as litigations in relation to the Cebu 8's case would still happen.

Aside from the expenses, they have also expected more arrests as the state "intensifies its attacks against the Filipino's fundamental rights."

"Yanat Cebu would like to prepare itself financially should bail bonds be needed for other illegal arrests in the future," he said.

Villacrusis offered three options for the donors: they could choose to donate their funds to the future operational and legal expenses of the ongoing case of Cebu 8; they could donate their funds as bail bonds; and donors could ask for a refund.

Those who would ask for a refund may contact Villacrucis through his phone number 09064414320. (KFD/PR)